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Raw Materials Initiative


Thematic strategy on sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development indicators and best practices on minerals intelligence

INFRA 25708

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Session A: General Framework

Chair: Hans Petersen, DG Enterprise, European Commission


Welcoming address and opening of the workshop
1. Ministry of Economy, Slovenia – representative, 2. European Commission
3. Eurogeosuryevs, 4. Geological survey of Slovenia- director


Key note speech: Mineral Resources in Europe

Luis Placido Martins, INETI, Portugal – EU Presidency

Raw materials in European Union – current state of the play / Need for minerals information within EU initiatives and legislation

Hans Petersen, EU Commission, DG Enterprise, Brussels, Belgium

Resources, Minerals and the Limits to Growth

Thomas Schauer, European Support Centre of the Club of Rome

USGS Mineral Information

Kathleen Johnson, US Geological Survey, USA

Minerals intelligence: what does it need to encompass?: an European Geological Surveys’ point of view

Patrice Christman, EuroGeoSurveys, Belgium

Parallels in Government and Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Deborah Shields, Colorado State University, USA

Session B: Data, in formation and knowledge requirements for the TSSUNR and the Raw Materials Policy

Chair: Patrice Christman, EuroGeoSurveys, Belgium


The Thematic Strategy on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: progress and roadmap ahead

Werner Bosmans, EU Commission, DG Environment, Brussels, Belgium

The Thematic Strategy as a window of opportunity for improving resource productivity and competitiveness

Philipp Scheplemann, Wuppertal Institute, Wuppertal, Germany

Material Flow Accounts and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Vida Butina, Statistical Office of RS

Mass flow analysis of aggregate minerals: An example from the UK

Andrew Bloodworth, Jo Mankelow British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

(Past and present) EU experience on Mineral Intelligence

Jack Testard, Mineral Resources Department, BRGM, France

ETP - TSSUNR, the future EU raw materials policy and issues in EU raw materials supply?

Corina Hebestreit, Euromines



Session C: Country’s Mineral Information Practices

Chair : Luis Placido Martins, INETI, Portugal


Collecting, managing and improving the collection of Sustainable Development data in the minerals sector - the UK experience

Jerry McLaughlin, Quarry Products Association (QPA), United Kingdom

European Mining Industry Experience in the Minerals Data Management: experience of an aggregate association

Dirk Fincke, UEPG, Brussels, Belgium

Mineral Statistics: A British perspective on sources, methods and users

Linda Hetherington, British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

Dutch Perspective on Mineral Data Management

Michiel van der Meulen, TNO-NITG Utrecht; Netherlands

Mineral data management – Spanish experience

Manuel Regueiro, Spanish Geological survey, Spain

Minerals Information Management: small country experience

Slavko Šolar, Geological survey of Slovenia, Slovenia

Session D: Experiences and best practices, recommendations

Moderators: Patrice Christman, EuroGeoSurveys, Belgium, Slavko Solar, Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenia


Participants contribution’s .. 5 – 10 minutes per country II - EU countries


Hungary – Country profile

Tamás Hámor, Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology, Hungary

Geological and mineral data collection and dissemination in Lithuania

Vyda Elena Gasiunienė, Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment, Lithuania

Latvia minerals data management

Antra Kregzde, Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency, Latvia

Mineral Resources in the Czech Republic

Jaromír Starý, Czech Geological Survey-Geofond, Czech Republic

Minerals in Bulgaria – an overview

Radoslav Nakov, Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Minerals Information Significant to the German Raw Materials Policy

Doris Homberg,, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany

Report on raw materials mineral production in Cyprus

Ministry of agriculture natural resources and environment, Geological survey department, Republic of Cyprus

Participants contribution’s .. 5 – 10 minutes per country III – TAIEX countries


Mineral resource management in Croatia

Slobodan Miko, Croatian Geological Survey, Croatia

Mineral data management in Ukraine

Boris I.Malyuk, Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute, Ukraine